Downsizing, Adorable Style

So it’s time to further downsize on the amount of fur in my apartment. It’s going to be complicated enough just getting one rabbit down to the states, never mind a second one who doesn’t like me very much anyways. I know a friend of a friend who moved her dogs across the border, and apparently there is a specific route to take involving kenneling and tests to make sure nobody is attempting germ warfare. So that part I’m not worried about. It was  more the cost, the anxiety over the well being of not one but two bunnies, wondering if they’d get along after being apart and relatively traumatized for two weeks. Turns out that within a few days of being seperated, the bunnies are quite comfy in their single lives. Frankly, I think Finnegan was tired of being molested by Sunshine. I’m all for equality, but she was one pushy girlfriend.

And so a new home has been found for Sunshine, and I’m sure she will do fine. After a few years with my animals being the centre of my life, I am back down to my original and unabashed favourite, Finnegan Cabbage Esquire. I do still miss Hannibal and Brutus quite a bit, the babies who now live on a farm north of the city, but I couldn’t ask Josh to take in me *and* my farm. Obviously I’ve got a new centre to my life, so as much as I love rabbits, I’m clearly going to make the sane choice here. So I’m content with just Finnegan.

One benefit of his fab new bachelor life is a new bach pad. It’s smaller than the monstrous hard to clean cage he and the she-bunny have been inhabiting. That one is going with her to the new owner. This one is brand spanking new and full of fun chewable accessories. Within a few minutes he was stretched out comfortably, but of course he took the time to get used to his new house and rearrange everything in his new corner in the living room.

I’m glad I get to keep  him! Don’t worry, as soon as I’m settled I’ll have a house full of animals again I promise to never buy another rabbit again hon, honest…