Knitting Fail

So the good news is that I’ve mastered a fairly basic sock, or at least the general principles of not losing your mind when wrestling with said fairly basic sock. Other than having to cut Josh’s conversation mid-sentence with “haang on, HANG ONNNN!!!!………..okay sorry,” I’ve pretty much got the technique down! To make quick work of it, I thought it would be cute to knit a pair of baby socks for May’s latest bundle of roly poly joy.


Baby Sock Win

I got the pattern here.

An excellent turnout! But this baby is indeed roly poly, and growing by the second. I wanted to knit the second sock in a hurry, before they wouldn’t fit! Look at that healthy chub! And so I figured it would be a good idea to forgo the standard knit-2-purl-2 cuff (that’s “stretchy ribbing like you see at the top of most socks” for you non-knitters) and just do a plain knit one. Ribbing is what keeps the sock up on your leg instead of puddling around your ankle, but given that there is minimal need to keep them up on legs that do little more than wriggle toe-up in the air, I figured it would be no issue.

And it wasn’t. I got the second sock done relatively quickly, and although the cuff wasn’t as neat or pretty looking, it took care of the risk of ankle-muffin-top and all related circulatory unpleasantries.

So where did I fail?

Remembering what size needles I used for the first pair.

Baby Socks Fail


And yes, that’s the smaller one that I knit second. Way to keep up with the growing – knit smaller! You know what kiddo? I think I’ll knit you a hat or something. You’ll look dashing.

Stupid needles.

Weekend Wrap-Up and Wrist Warmers

After a birthday party this weekend involving much in the way of delicious, delicious face stuffing at May’s house, I found myself wandering around the kitchen this afternoon with no laundry to do, a sink empty of dishes, and a clean floor, bathroom, even rabbit cage. My usual Sunday afternoon Family Guy sit-fest, it would seem, was on hold in favour of some golf tournament or another. Well shit. It’s not like I’ve got a ton of other channels since I refuse to pay for cable, so after passing on the thrilling options of foreign news, some shitty cowboy family drama, a CSI knockoff and some right wing debate over American drinking ages, I decided to forgo the squawk box and get some cleaning detailing done.

I’ve got one of those apartments that are old, tiny, and shoddily put together. There are nooks and crannies you just can’t get into to clean, and the appliances are ancient. The gas stove has been here since who knows when, andI guess it’s been a while since anybody thought to clean around the splashguards behind the knobs. It’s normally the kind of q-tip and bleach job that I wouldn’t bother with in a place I plan to leave behind by the end of the year, but I was bored and it was grossing me out. An hour of the Fugees later and you can see the difference.

gross on the left, better on the right

gross on the left, better on the right

In other news, I blew my power out again. Stupid microwave-spaceheater combination gets me every time. But the last time the landlord was here, he mentioned that the lady at the laundromat downstairs has a key to the utility room underneath the building. So since the power was knocked out a few minutes before midnight, I just slept through the night and waited until morning to see if she indeed had this free pass out of an embarassing phone call. Microwave gravy over homemade poutine and enough battery power in the laptop to watch a few episodes of Family Guy kept me happy enough. I even ate by valentine-shaped chocolate scented candles.

In the morning I went down and convinced the weird old lady in this tiny dusty shop that I seriously just needed to flip the breakers back on and wasn’t trying to stash a body or something. When I got down there it seemed like I wasn’t too far off. I swear they could rent the place out by the hour to malevolent knife welding maniacs in search of a dark corner to stow a rolled up stained carpet.

"Hi, my name is Dr. Jason McKruegerMeyers. I live in a cellar with a dish of rat poison. Please come in."

"Hi, my name is Dr. Jason McKruegerMeyers. I live in a cellar with a dish of rat poison. Please come in."

But at least once I braved my way inside the technical aspects were easy to figure out – there are only four apartments, each with it’s own box clearly labelled, and a set of switches. One of mine was flipped, and so naturally I flipped it back up. Return the keys, climb back upstairs, and presto! I fixed my own power!

I also sold another pair of wrist warmers, although technically that wasn’t this weekend. I’m working on a shawl right now. I’ll have pics of that soon enough, as well as a super romantic project I’m working on for Josh for our anniversary. You’ll see that soon enough too, it’s March 11th! Holy crap, I can’t believe a year has gone by already.

Anyways, it’s taking me quite a while, but it’ll totally be worth it. In the meantime, here are some pics of the Orange Blossom wrist warmers.

oh so pretty!

oh so pretty!

cutest pair ever

cutest pair ever

That’s all for now, I have more stuff to get working on!


Alright, so haven’t just been scurrying around painting and renovating secretly. I have been knitting!

I suffered a bit of a setback with a rather dumbass move a few weekends ago. I had been scrubbing the kitchen with Vim and got down to the sink and stove. I reached into the sink before realizing the stovetop would be a better choice – it would dirty the sink after all. Right, I’m so clever. So I reached over to pick up the heavy metal burners of my gas stove – forgetting of course that not one minute prior, said stove was my primary source of heat in this less-than-insulated box. Ohmyfuck, hot ! It took nearly 30 minutes for the nauseating pain to go away. 20 minutes later there was no feeling at all, and it turns out that the little spot on my finger is not so much burned as cooked.

Ow! Ow! Fuckity! Ow!

Ow! Ow! Fuckity! Ow!

Yeah, gross. I nearly puked again.

The not particularly awesome healing process has hindered me quite a bit.  It’s been two weeks and only just healed enough to pick up any knitting. I didn’t entirely waste my time, although I have watched more t.v. this month than anytime in the past year or so. I brushed up on some new knitting techniques and bam! I can knit in the round on double pointed needles now. I found a tres terrific green yarn that perfectly matches a pashmina I wear. I’ve even given a hand at writing my own pattern. Turns out my brain can wrap itself around a pattern much more easily when there’s no need to worry about the wrong side. If all goes well, I should be able to finish at least one tomorrow.

This means faster project turnout, very exciting!

Anyways, here’s a few scarves I managed to get done before branding myself.



I really like this scarf, and it was easy to make. The yarn is pretty fun, there’s a white version as well that I’m going to knit up into a scarf named Icicle (Is it bizarre that I name my scarves? Probably not considering my favourite rabbit is Finnegan Cabbage Esq., and his offspring were Hannibal and Brutus. I like naming things. Don’t even get me started on baby names.) This is a greyer version of that  yarn, hence Greysicle.

Gypsy Scarf

Gypsy Scarf

I like how this scarf looks in this picture, but it’s a little washed out with the sun. This is a better representation of the colour.


looks like this

It’s really light and meshy, but long enough that you can wrap it around enough to be warm. The twisted drop stitch is responsible for the meshiness, as well as the fact that I used needles slightly larger than the gauge of the yarn. I used the same technique on this last one.


Peasant Scarf

I finished this number at May’s house, hence the fabulous photo-op. Anyways, as per usual these are available for sale. If you’re interested, just hit me up in the comment section. As for me, I’m off to whip up a fabulous pair of wrist warmers, or ‘pulse warmers’ technically since I haven’t mastered a thumbhole yet (I just figured this out yesterday, give me a break!) If I can figure out a ruffly finish I’ll be set to start putting some up on the e-shelves ASAP.
Woot! Progress!

A Fishy Tail

Okay, okay, I’ve dragged it out long enough. A crafty update for you people, my flavourite flavours of the internet. Yes, a fish related crafty update.


Fish scarf! Fish scarf!

Fish scarf! Fish scarf!


It’s a FISH SCARF!!! Or to be more correct, a fish tail scarf! I figured out this nifty little piece all by myself. Now I’ve got to figure out a wave pattern to connect the two tail ends, the one I’ve got right now stretches out too much and just looks straight once you wear it a bit. If I can figure out how to get some beadwork going on here too, that’ll be even better!

Woo exciting! Now I want to make a seaweed scarf and maybe a flower scarf and all kinds of fun shaped scarves.

I’ve got a few other things to show you too, and more fun pictures from Christmas, but right now my apartment is freeeeeezing and I’m hungry so I’ll say a quick adieu and see you peeps later.


Delicious and Nutritious (Sort of…)

So it’s winter. How the hell did that happen? Seriously, the last thing I remember I was roasting on a back porch in North Carolina waiting for seven layer nacho dip to be ready. I hate winter. Josh is looking forward to the snow, and I’m sure I’ll have much more fun when I’ve got his enthusiasm to get me out of the house and out to some of the awesome Toronto winter fun there is to be had. It’s just that on my own I’d far rather stay in and complain.

One good thing that comes out of cold weather is that I’m less motivated to go outside and spend all my money on Thai food and sangrias. I’m more likely to stay inside and start cooking up some feel good soups that I can freeze and heat up again easily for my lazy, bitchy days.

Cauliflower is one of my favourite soups to make, because it’s easy to make it thick without adding potatoes (I do try to keep starch to a minimum). But it can get kind of bland, so I spruced up an impromptu recipe with a fun twist.

First I started with your basic Bechamel sauce.


You start by melting a stick of butter (1/2 cup) in a large pot, and heating it until it browns slightly.


When it’s bubbling, turn the heat low and whisk in a half cup of flour.


Whisk away any lumps.


Add one cup of milk.


Continue whisking until evenly heated and blended. Allow to thicken but not curdle. Remove from heat if necessary.


And thus you have your basic white sauce, your base for most thick soups or sauces. From this point you can pretty much wing it and have fun with different variations of what you like. I often throw in whatever is in my fridge. What I had this time was cauliflower, onions, celery and garlic.


Onions are a great way to thicken up a soup without adding a ton of flour or starchy potatoes. If you don’t want too strong an onion flavour, add them thinly sliced right at the beginning. For a more prominent flavour, add them later in the recipe or try sauteeing them first, depending on what kind of texture you’re going for. Personally I like my soups thick enough to lay bricks with, but that’s just me.


I added one cup of water and four cups of vegetable stock for the broth. You can adjust this to your preferences. I also added two cubes of frozen basil, equivalent to about two teaspoons of chopped fresh basil.

Cover and simmer, stirring occasionally for about half an hour or until veggies are tender.


Now this is where I have the electronic advantage, because this is the point where you’d ordinarily have to ladle the soup into a blender and whir it smooth bit by bit. I’m far too lazy for that, and so I have a hand held blender that I just plug in, turn on, and stir around until I’m happy with the result.

Kind of like this one, except not as pretty.

If you don’t have one of these, I highly recommend them. Who wants to wash a blender? Not me, I value my fingers greatly.

Anyways, if you’re anything like me, a delicious thick soup is simply not enough without a ton of cheese.




When all is nice and melted, spoon into your favourite cold-weather feel good bowl.

And now for my favourite soup twist as of late:


Delicious, delicious pesto!!! Yay pesto! Stir a spoonfull into your soup, top with an extra bit of shredded cheese and voila!


It is totally delicious and you have my permission to hit people who want you to ‘share’.

In other news, I am having better luck with my lace knitting. It’s fuzzy lace knitting, but still going well. Peep the begginings of a fuzzy winter stole.


It will be much more exciting when it’s finished and blocked, but that’s how it looks for now.

As for right now, I think I’m going to start chipping away at the bottle of Southern Comfort that Talea got me for my birthday (among other, less alcoholic things). I’ll be back…at some point this week.


So it’s not like I don’t have scarves to churn out for Christmas or anything. Oh no, I totally have the time to sit here on my couch for an entire evening, knitting and ripping, knitting and ripping, knitting and ripping.

Just in case you’ve wondered where I am, I’m trying to knit lace and it’s not going very well. If I were knitting a standard width scarf it would be easy: a row doesn’t turn out right, just undo it and start again. But when you’re knitting a shawl about four times the width of a scarf, one row is a hell of a commitment. And then you get to the end of the row and think “Where did this extra stitch come from???”


In more positive news, peep my new little widget to the left, linking to my Flickr page! All crafty things for sale will be posted up there until the website is up and running. For now there’s just a few pairs of earrings, but I’ll let you know when new things go up. I gots paypal yo, so just send me a note if you see something that catches your fancy 😉

Should my fingers ever remember how to knit again, you may see some scarves and other fun things up shortly.

Stupid fingers.

Stupid lace.

Also, it’s apparently winter here in Toronto. When the hell did that happen? I feel so unprepared! Ugh. Screw fashion, I’m getting me some ugly ass hiking boots for the thirty feet of sidewalk between me and the bus stop. One good thing about winter means more staying in and less temptation to go out for dinner. That means more home cooking!

Next week: I will show you how to make Cauliflower Pesto Soup, Broccoli Asparagus Soup, and Goat’s Cheese Pasta. Mmmmmmmmm.

For now, back to the knitty, knitty grind.

A Very Crafty Update

Word to my internet peeps, yo!

So what’s been going on with my crafty endeavours that I was oh so gung-ho about? I haven’t forgotten! Remember my lime green basket weave scarf? That miserable cotton yarn that turned out so pretty but wreaked havoc on my poor fingers? Yeah, that one. Well someone at work bought it to give as a Christmas gift! He just so happened to be looking for a lime green accessory for someone who is very into lime this season. Worked out well for me! Take that cotton yarn! Not to be outdone, I picked up a robin’s egg blue version of the same yarn and have been proceeding to kick its ass just as hard as the first project kicked mine.

I present, my weeks-in-the-making attempt (and fairly succesful I think) at a lacey twist on entrellac. I got the pattern here and just had to make it. It’s also inspired me to try my own hand at writing a pattern, hopefully you’ll see it soon. As for this number, I am a little beyond ridiculously excited to wear it around Christmas shopping cause it looks fan-fricking-tastic.




Seriously, once I finish this thing, I’m going to be known across the city as “that crazy girl who keeps talking to strangers about how she knitted that goddamned scarf.” I care not. I love it.

In other news, I did not have time or real desire to do anything crazy creative for Hallowe’en. I’ll save that for next year, when I’ll – fingers crossed! – be with Josh. Dudes, can you just imagine what sick creations the two of us will come up with? But as for this year, I was quite thrilled to go trick-or-treating with Talea, May, and the wee ones.

Check out the rad pumpkins I carved for them!




Hehe, that’s my signature.

Next up on the crafty agenda:

A stockinette stitch scarf made of this very pretty stuff:


A seedstitch scarf made out of this yarn, and I’m going to try to figure out a way to do star-shaped cutouts. A perfect Christmas scarf! Woot!


I wish I could knit faster!

Less typing, more knitting! I’m off to get crafty folks, I’ll be back in a few days with a story about a douchebag. It’s a good one! Mahahaha, suspense.

Cotton Kicks My Ass (But I Kick Back!)

Oh my freaking God, I finally finished the lime green basketweave scarf!!!

All praise the gloriousity that is my lime green basketweave scarf!!!

This yarn…it…tried to kill me, honestly. I’ve had it for EVER and this is the third time I’ve tried to knit something with it. It’s just so fussy, so splitty, and it’s 100% cotton, so it doesn’t glide like your cheap acrylics. It’s a bitch, plain and simple, and so unforgiving of any mistakes.

This yarn, it kicks my ass.

Oh, but it’s pretty! It’s oh so pretty and bright and vibrant! And so full of cottony goodness! So I fought and I fussed and I missed busses to stop and carefully undo six rows of what I had thought to be meticulous knitting and purling, and do it up all over again. I had already knit a third of a scarf in a seed stitch pattern, with nifty little bobbles running up the side in sets of three. But again, so unforgiving! – and the itty bitty flaws of the knitter I was six months ago drove me up the wall until I finally undid it all and wrapped it up to wrestle with again another day.

And this time, dammit, I was good enough and focused enough to take the most unforgiving (but so pretty) yarn and neatly loop it together in such a way as to produce a pretty fantastic scarf.

Go me!

*Gives finger to yarn* Take that, bitch! Think you’re tough? I bought your ass in BLUE! That’s right, a magnificent cyan! Coming soon, yo.

Everybody Love Ginny, or I’ll Kick Your Ass (In Some Non-Abusive Sort Of Way)

I just sold my first scarf! North Carolina, here I come! Eventually…

So the super rad Ginny from Praying to Darwin emailed me up to inquire about this scarf:

She loves it, and so lo and behold, I have my first sale! I’m pretty excited that Ginny gets my first scarf, ’cause it’s a pretty awesome scarf, and Ginny is pretty rad herself. Everyone go read her stuff, she’s hilarious. Soon, she will be hilarious, and also fabulously accessorized!

In other news, here’s what I’ve created today!


Them there’s mah bamboo curtains. Turns out they make for an excellent storage/display area. And how pretty and funky to have curtains full of pretty earrings! Don’t worry, they’ll be de-anti-septicized and all that germ free stuff before they get shipped out. (It’s actually kind of obsessive, cause I could totally clean myself into a coma if I didn’t specifically allocate my cleaning schedules, and I clean my floors/kitchen/bathroom with bleach. Yeah, I’ve got horrid cuticles cause I’m too lazy to put on gloves.)

Anyways, yeah, I think the earrings are pretty.

In other news, this super mega asshole at work who didn’t even return my ‘Good Morning!’ (extra cheery-like, as the fucker had shown up half an hour late and I’d had to show up early to accomodate his tardy ass), and then later made a phone call with his feet propped up on the credenza, and then snarked at Talea and then…well anyways, he had ordered catering (Oh shit, I totally forgot to order tomorrow’s catering. Oh well, I guess that’s what happens when you’re such an asshole.) This catering involved…yes, an egg salad sandwich. However, it was on pumpernickel bread, and my egg salad must be on pure (bleached….I know, I know) white wonderbread, so it was a total waste of the previous nights munchie fantasy fulfillment.

Asshole. Can’t even get a sandwich right.


At least that’s what I call this little number. For any fellow Canucks out there, don’t be deceived by the fuzziness. It’s fuzzy, but it’s narrow, like the cool kids wear these days. Not the frigid kids. Frigid kids want that blue fuzzy thing I posted about recently. This is more for those nights when it’s cool enough that you can get away with wearing a rocking scarf as an accessory, but not yet cold enough that you end up getting frozen snot all over it.

On that pleasant note, what do you think?

If you want to be trendy AND warm, I could probably do up an extra thick and fuzzy one. Twice as much awesome!

Other fun facts:

– I’m watching Josh sleep right now, he’s extra cute.

– My office job is looking shittier and shittier. I want to sit indoors and make fun pretty things and talk to friends on the computer all day, cause I’m not a huge fan of ‘public.’ Does that make me a nerd?

– My evenings and ‘breaks’ revolve around two nightly episodes of the Simpsons.

– I’ve got a totally wicked craving for a fried egg right now. No, I’m not pregnant and craving weird shit. Got that 800 mile distance going on. I think it’s cause I saw a commercial for the Tim Horton’s BELT sandwhich (bacon, egg, lettuce, tomato for nonCanucks), and the egg part is the only thing that interests me. Oh, now I want egg salad. Oh! I will totally make a how-to video on egg salad (Have you tried relish? Have you?)

Stay tuned! Same bat night, same bat channel.

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