Miley Cyrus…Not Weird Enough For You Yet?

So I’ve got a bit of a hate-on for this chick. She just…gets to me. On every level. Not a thing out of her mouth warrants any artistic merit, and if her weird-ass Vanity Fair photos weren’t enough she now has some racist photo scanadal thing going on. Whatever. I can deal with all that vanilla media hype and chalk it up to some desperate paparazzi somewhere itching for that million dollar unflattering photo now that Britney has her shit together again.

And then I stumbled upon this while reading at the office trying to stifle my third-day-at-reception-with-nothing-to-do boredom.


Miley, you are a strange, bizarre little girl. Who’s bright idea was it to make these things flesh coloured?

And the weirdest part: “Individual Pouches for Portion Control.” Screw excess packaged waste, we don’t want our little Backfat Bettie’s getting fist deep in fake wang candies!

Won't somebody please think of the children!