Holy Crap On A Stick, I Am So Amazing!


My brain works in a circle! I can knit in the round, on double pointed needles, evenly or unevenly dividing stitches between three or four needles, manipulating them with ease! I can write patterns! I can see designs unfolding, and I can adjust on the go! I can make things in 3D!  I can at least make tubes, or tubesque shaped items of interest. Like wrist warmers!

Ch-ch-check it, check it, check it out!


Holy Fucking Awesome Batman!

I call them Lettuce Flower Wristwarmers. I’m not completely happy with the flower on the back of the hand there…

slightly uneven

slightly uneven

But I can fix it with one more yarn over and by making it just a bit tighter. I even figured out thumbholes! I am very, very excited, and you can expect to see more of these soon!