Quick Political Update!

The Governor General has with great sensibility suspended Canadian Parliament until the end of January, at which point the Conservatives will be bringing their planned budget to the table. I think then, not now – only seven weeks after the election, is the best time to judge whether or not Mr. Harper has in fact ‘failed’ this country.

While I may be left wing for the most part, I voted Conservative for a reason. I am strongly opposed to the idea of being told what is best for my country without being consulted by those who wish to be in charge of events, policies and procedures that will directly affect my daily life.

If you are too, go here.

I would also strongly encourage you to write or call your local MP with respect to this issue, regardless of your opinion on the topic.

There are places in this world whose citizens are not allowed to speak up. We are fortunate enough to have a voice in this country. Use it.

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